How’s the uncensored version of the Jungle reviewed?Edit

The Jungle is one of Upton Sinclair’s many works, yet it’s the one that’s best known. Considering the time the book was first published (which was 1906), however, it may not be so surprising why the book was a success.

The See Sharp edition of the Jungle, with a slogan covering the front cover of the book, claiming itself as “The Uncensored Original” edition of the book, denounces all other editions as censored commercial editions. How do the readers or reviewers feel about this suppressed version of the book? The People’s Weekly World, newspaper of the Communist Party USA, states that “If you have never read The Jungle, don’t waste your time on the 1906 censored version. Go right to the original, now available, at a reasonable price, and feel and experience the real message that Upton Sinclair so deeply desired to convey to his readers” (May 29, 2004). Library Journal not only categorizes the See Sharp edition as “essential”, but also claims that “Sinclair later wanted to reinsert the expurgated material for a full-length version but that never came to fruition” (April 15, 2003).

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