Your assignment:

In today's class: As a group, plan a wiki-based presentation on Upton Sinclair's mastery of the melodramatic mode for social change. Each of you will contribute one page to the wiki, but within clear parameters established by the group's plan. Each page will have its own clear focus and should not repeat the themes and content of other pages. 

The overall presentation should be comprehensive. It should carefully elaborate many dimensions of The Jungle, using excerpts from the text and detailing particular dimensions of the melodramatic mode. 

However, it will be helpful to bring in concepts from your earlier reading, reading on reserve in the library, other information about Upton Sinclair, and the cultural milieu(s) in which he operated over a very long, influential life. Not every page has to be focussed exclusively on The Jungle. 

Here are some starter questions/suggestions for page topics: What makes the text melodramatic? How effective was the text's melodrama? How did Sinclair research his novels? In what ways was his research an original contribution? How did he maximize the impact of the research?

Each wiki page should comprise at least 500 words of your own writing, in addition to quotes, images, charts, and other material. These should be published no later than 9am Thursday morning.

A final note: collaborative work isn't just planning and then doing your piece. Please read everyone else's work as it appears, and make an effort to expand and improve on their work. The software will keep track of all your contributions, original and editorial. 

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